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Top 5 After Effects Expressions

Sean Frangella has a new very interesting After Effects tutorial up. In this one he'll show us what he believes are the 5 most important and useful After Effects expressions every motion designer should know. Have a look:

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Split Personality Effect In After Effects

Mikey Borup has a new After Effects tutorial for us. In this tutorial he'll show us how to get that popular split personality effect. Check it out:

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How To Use The New Mask Effects Of After Effects CC

In this new After Effects tutorial by Sean Frangella, you'll learn how to use the new effects in masks of After Effects CC. Very useful stuff, check it out:

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Snappy Lines Logo Animation In After Effects

Here is a recent After Effects tutorial by Mt. Mograph. Here, you'll learn how to animate letter borders to create a cool logo animation: Check it out here:

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How To Track & Composite a 3D Model in Live Footage With C4D And After Effects

Here is a very interesting 2-part tutorial by Sean Frangella. By using both Cinema 4D and After Effects he will show you how to integrate 3D in your footages. Very useful stuff, check it out:

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Learn All About After Effects’ Shape Layers

Mikey Borup has a new After Effects tutorial for us. In this one you'll learn how to create for example a dynamic thermostat all with shape layers and a bit of expressions. Very interesting and useful stuff:

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Color Vibrance, Free After Effects Plug-in

Andrew Kramer of Videocopilot is treating us with a new free After Effects plug-in: Color vibrance. Here is the tutorial on how to use it and the link to download it: Download it here!

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Sketch & Toon Tutorial: Watercolor Look With Cinema 4D And After Effects

Chris Schmidt is finishing its Sketch & Toon tutorial series with this latest tutorial for Cinema 4D and After Effects. Here you'll learn how to get a watercolor painting look thanks to sketch & toon and a few filters in After Effects. Check it out: Sketch & Toon Style 5: Watercolors Tutorial from Greyscalegorilla on [...]

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