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Create Dynamic Pie Charts With Expressions In After Effects

Here is a new After Effects tutorial from OtherCubed. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create and animate dynamic pie chartes using expressions. Very useful for motion design work, check it out, it's not as hard as you might think:  

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Model and animate a sticky goo rock in Cinema 4D

Here is a new Cinema 4D tutorial from GreyScaleGorilla. In this tutorial Chris Schmidt will show you how to model a crystal rock and then break it apart while showing a sticky goo inside followed by nick for texturing and lightning. It's a very cool look, check it out:

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  • shatter cinema 4D

How To Shatter Dynamic Objects In Cinema 4D

Here is a brand new Cinema 4D tutorial by Lawrence Black. You'll learn how to shatter a dynamic object after impact. Very useful stuff for your animations, have a look here:

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  • Siggraph 2014 Cinema 4D tutorials

[UPDATE] Here are all the Siggraph 2014 Cinema 4D R16 tutorials

If you missed the live streaming of Siggraph 2014 a couple of weeks ago Cineversity just uploaded all the presentations for you to watch. These are some of the best motion designers out there sharing their workflow and explaining every little step of their work. Very informative stuff and a great way to get familiar [...]

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Cinema 4D Quicktip: Brush In The Air

Here is a very fast Cinema 4D quicktip that was sent to me, made by 'Berd'. You'll be able to create a very nice and fluid brush animation and it is quite easy to do. It's basically a landscape and a Spline wrap wrapped around a curve or text. This looks really nice, here it [...]

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  • topography in Cinema 4D

How To Create A Cool 3D Topography In Cinema 4D

Chris Schmidt from Greyscalegorilla has a new very original Cinema 4D tutorial up. In this one he'll create fast 3D topographies using hair. Check it out here, it looks really nice and original:

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How To Model A Reflective Sports Badge In Cinema 4D R16

Here is a yet another new Cinema 4D tutorial by Sean Frangella for Here, you'll learn how to model a reflective sports badge with the help of the new Cinema 4D R16 tools. Check it out here:

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  • street lamp cinema 4D

How To Model A Street Lamp In Cinema 4D

Here is a brand new modeling Cinema 4D tutorial by Sean Frangella from In this tutorial you'll learn how to model a street lamp from scratch. Awesomely detailed and precise tutorial, have a look :

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