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How To Use The New Mask Effects Of After Effects CC

In this new After Effects tutorial by Sean Frangella, you'll learn how to use the new effects in masks of After Effects CC. Very useful stuff, check it out:

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Model And Animate A Robotic Arm In Cinema 4D

Chris Schmidt from greyscalegorilla is revisiting an old advanced tutorial where he'll show you the whole process the model and rig a robotic arm in Cinema 4D. See it here: ROBOT ARM CHARACTER RIGGING TUTORIAL PART 1 from Greyscalegorilla on Vimeo. ROBOT ARM CHARACTER RIGGING TUTORIAL PART 2 from Greyscalegorilla on Vimeo.

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  • x-particles tutorial

Introduction To X-Particles For Cinema 4D

If you're new to Cinema 4D you might not know much about the 3rd party plug-in X-Particles. In this tutorial Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla is gonna show you how to start using the plug-in. Check it out: Intro To X-Particles from Greyscalegorilla on Vimeo.

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How To Fracture Buildings And Objects In Cinema 4D

Sean Frangella is back again with a brand new Cinema 4D tutorial. Here, you will learn how to fracture a building or any object using Thraussi. Check it out:

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Choosing The Right Focal Length For Your Camera In Cinema 4D

Nick from GreyScaleGorilla has a new Cinema 4D tutorial for us. In this small but very interesting tutorial, he'll teach you the importance in choosing the right focal length for your Cinema 4D cameras. Check it out here: Choosing The Correct Focal Length In Cinema 4D Cameras from Greyscalegorilla on Vimeo.

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How To Do Origami Modelling In Cinema 4D

CreativMotion has uploaded a new modelling tutorial for Cinema 4D. In this one, you'll learn how to model shapes origami style. Very interesting look, check it out: CINEMA 4D // ORIGAMI MODELLING TUTORIAL from creativMotion on Vimeo.

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  • Cinema 4D tutorial sweep nurbs

Animate Text With Sweep Nurbs In Cinema 4D

Lawrence Black has a new useful Cinema 4D tutorial up. In this tutorial he'll show you how to animate a title thanks to sweep nurbs. This can be very useful for your projects, have a look:

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How To Make A Wavy Band Surface In Cinema 4D

Eyedesyn is back with a new Cinema 4D tutorial. In this tutorial he'll show you how to make a slick fluid animation of a wavy band surface in Cinema 4D. Have a look, lots of useful tricks in there: Create a Wavy Band Surface in Cinema 4D Tutorial Preview from EJ Hassenfratz on Vimeo.

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