• mapping a texture on a 3D logo

Mapping A Texture On A 3D Logo In Cinema 4D

Here is an interesting tutorial by motionsquared in wich you'll learn how to map a texture onto a 3D logo inside of Cinema 4D. Sounds easy but it's actually quite tricky. Check it out here:

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  • Cinema 4D tutorial

Animate Objects Along A Spline In Cinema 4D

Lawrence Black is already back with a new Cinema 4D tutorial. In this tutorial you'll learn how to animate object along a spline inside of Cinema 4D. Here it is:

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  • 3D Pre-compose script

Free Script And Tutorial For After Effects: 3D Pre-Compose

Andrew Kramer from Videocopilot.net made a new After Effects script for us and it's free! This script will allow you to pre-compose layers that are 3D and not lose their attributes. This is very useful and surely a time saver for a lot of people. Check out the tutorial: Here is the link to download [...]

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How To Model And Texture a Low-Poly abstract landscape in C4D

In this new tutorial by Lawrence Black you'll learn how to use the polygon reduction tool to make a low-poly landscape in Cinema 4D. He will then texture it in a cool abstract futuristic set. Have a look:

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Top 5 Camera Tips For After Effects

Sean Frangella is back with a new top 5 for After Effects. In this tutorial he'll show you 5 tips for your After Effects cameras. Have a look:

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Top 5 After Effects Expressions

Sean Frangella has a new very interesting After Effects tutorial up. In this one he'll show us what he believes are the 5 most important and useful After Effects expressions every motion designer should know. Have a look:

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How To Fill An Object With Clones In Cinema 4D

It's the holidays but there's still plenty to learn out there. In this tutorial Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla will show you how to fill up an object with clones in Cinema 4D. Very interesting, check it out: FillObjectWithClones from Greyscalegorilla on Vimeo.

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Split Personality Effect In After Effects

Mikey Borup has a new After Effects tutorial for us. In this tutorial he'll show us how to get that popular split personality effect. Check it out:

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