Free After Effects Template #4: 2D Animation Pack !

I’m very happy to present you my latest freebie. This is a pack of more than 20 different 2D animations! All done in After Effects with the built-in shapes. Very trendy these days, you find these animations in many different presentations. They can be used for logo animations, infographics or background decoration. Since these are After Effects shapes, they are very easy to tweak to your likings. You can change the color, the animations durations and/or combine them together to create something really cool and unique. You might recognize some of them that were used in my previous logo introductions templates. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can find them here. If you like it, please don’t forget to share it ! Thanks!

You can download the After Effects Template by clicking here. It is compatible starting from CS5.5 and above.

Trendy 2D Free After Effects Template animation 2
Trendy 2D Free After Effects Template
Trendy 2D Free After Effects Template
Trendy 2D Free After Effects Template animation

If you think this is worth a few bucks and feel like donating , that would be really great.

You can donate on paypal here. Thank you so much!


  • vengenceAchieved

    Me again here. Love the great templates. but please please do videos on how to change colors

  • Sam Frost

    After Effects Templates is the best way to understand and learn the after effects in detail. On the way of exploring the after effects template you can also enhance its special effects capabilities. Try After Effects Templates with easy methods!

  • Jason

    great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  • Cristian Portilla

    I can not find the link for free download

  • The download link works fine thanks a lot.

  • Commenter

    These all look very nice! Any chance for a MOV version of these for people who don’t have the Adobe subscription and edit with other programs?