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Free After Effects Template #4: 2D Animation Pack !

I'm very happy to present you my latest freebie. This is a pack of more than 20 different 2D animations! All done in After Effects with the built-in shapes. Very trendy these days, you find these animations in many different presentations. They can be used for logo animations, infographics or background decoration. Since these are After Effects shapes, they are very easy to tweak to your likings. You can change the color, the animations durations and/or combine them together to create something really cool and unique. You might recognize some of them that were used in my previous logo introductions templates. If you haven't seen them yet, you can find them here. If you like it, please don't forget to share it ! Thanks! You can download the After Effects Template by clicking here. It is compatible starting from CS5.5 and above. If you think this is worth a few bucks and feel like donating , that would be really great. You can donate on paypal here. Thank you so much!  

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Free After Effects Template #3 : 2D Earth Animation

Here is my 3rd free After Effects Template. It's a small 'trendy 2D' earth animation from a project i'm working on. You can use it for different purposes, for example as background for your titles or part of a longer 2D animation. Anyway, I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you'll like it. I also put easy color controls so you can change all the colors with ease. Have fun ! Click here to download the template. (versions AE CS6, CC12 and CC2014) Oh and one more thing... If you liked it please don't forget to follow us on twitter, facebook and pinterest or just comment below.  Thanks! If you missed out on the previous free templates you can find them here.  

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Free Cinema 4D files from my Sketch & Toon animation.

You might have seen my mini-animation where I was trying out Sketch & Toon in Cinema 4D. If you haven"t you can see it below: I thought of sharing the elements for free so I just uploaded them on Turbosquid. You'll be able to find the animated low poly tree and bench. It's not very advanced stuff but I think some of these might be helpful for background purposes or if you want to get a unique paper look or cardboard look. They are all still customizable so go ahead and tweak them if you want.                     Just like my other stuff, this is completely free, as long as you don't sell it I'm fine with you using it for any project, paid or not. Have fun!

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Free After Effects Template #2 : Another 2D Logo Introduction

The first free template I did had a lot of success so it motivated me to continuing doing others. I'll try and post free templates from time to time when I have the chance. This free AE template is a bit of the same genre as the previous one but another style. It's a trendy colorful 2D logo introduction and it looks like this: You can download the template in CS6 and a CS5.5 versions here: Free AE template #2 by I hope you like it and feel free to comment, share and subscribe/follow us! Thanks for the support! If you missed the first template, you can find it here. If you think this is worth a few bucks and feel like donating , that would be really great. You can donate on paypal here. Thank you so much!     Update: Here is our 3rd free template

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Free After Effects Template #1: 2D Logo Introduction / Transition

I had a bit of time to actually do something for fun so I thought of making an After Effects Template for free to share.  It's a logo introduction / transition done in After Effects CS6. Here is what you'll get: You can download the free After Effects Templates here: CS6 or above: Free 2D Logo Intro Template by . CS5.5: Free 2D Logo Intro Template by 5.5) . You can easily change the colors and shapes as it's all vector based. Font: Typograph Pro Update: Our 2nd and 3rd templates are up, check it out HERE ! I hope you like it! Stay tuned for more in the near future! Thanks and don't forget to follow us on twitter and facebook! You can also share it with the buttons below. If you think this is worth a few bucks and feel like donating , that would be really great. You can donate on paypal here. Thank you so much!    

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Where To Find Free Stuff #3: Royalty-Free Pictures & Vectors

Related articles: Where to find free stuff #2: Royalty-Free Music Where to find free stuff #1: Royalty-Free Stock Footage   Here is the 3rd article of where to find free stuff. In this list you'll find the best websites that have royalty-free pictures and vectors to use in your personal and commercial projects at no cost. Free pictures can be very useful to use in your demos or if you wanna show off a template you're selling. While free vectors can just be time savers in general as you can import them into After Effects easily and use them as masks and whatnot. Here is the list: Vecteezy Vecteezy has a huge library of free vector art, vector graphics, illustrator brushes, vector wallpaper backgrounds, silhouettes, etc. Very easy to navigate, just don't get caught in clicking on an advertising. FreePik Freepik is probably to easiest way to find what you're looking for as it categorizes free photos, vectors, psd files, etc. Freepik's library also includes pics from other websites. Morguefile Morguefile is specialized in free photographs. The navigation is pretty easy, so there's no risk of clicking on an ad that brings you somewhere else. Just type what you're looking for in the search field. YouTheDesigner This website is not focused on free pics or vectors but has such a nice collection of freebies that I wanted to put it in this article. In the Freebies you'll find a lot of really nice vector packs, brushes, and even photoshop actions. FreeRangeStock Freerangestock is specialized in free stock photographs. It will need a free subscription but definitely worth it if you're searching for high quality photographs. AllSilhouettes On All-silhouettes you'll find.... all kinds of silhouettes! You'll find a plethora of huge packs of themed silhouettes that can be really useful in After Effects as alpha matte and whatnot.   That's it folks. These are for me the best websites out there to find royalty free pictures and vectors. If you know any more, just let us know in the comments!

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Where To Find Free Stuff #2: Royalty-Free Music

We continue our series of Free Stuff with Music. Whether you're doing a showreel, an ad or a promotional video, using music that isn't royalty-free can be dangerous.  A good royalty-free song is really hard to find so here is a list of websites where you can find completely free music to use in your compositions and projects that are also royalty-free. I hope that with this list you'll find what you are looking for: Vimeo Music Store The Vimeo Music Store has a lot of royalty-free music to offer. To search for the free ones, just go to the advanced filter and select 'free'. A free Vimeo subscription is required. Incompetech Incompetech has tons of free songs classed by genre to find what you're looking for easily. No subscription is needed, just pick a song and click download. SoundCloud - CC A free subscription to soundcloud is required for this one but definitely worth it. You'll find several groups with free songs by searching for 'Creative commons'. Free Stock Music Also pretty good website with different categories. Some songs are awesome while others are pretty average. A free subscription is required. Free Music Archive Another website where no subscription is required. This one has a lot of archived songs that lost their copyrights and are now available for free to use for personal and professional work. Open Music Archive Same kind of website as the one above. No subscription required, lots of free archived songs.   There it is, these are I think the best websites to find free songs. If you know any other websites, let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list!

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Where To Find Free Stuff #1: Royalty-Free Stock Footage

Related Articles: Where to find free stuff #2: Royalty-Free Music Where to find free stuff #3: Royalty-Free Pictures and Vectors   When searching online for free assets like pictures, videos, music, objs and others you often find yourself searching for hours or click on ads for payable stuff instead of finding what you want. For the next few weeks I'll post several very useful websites by genre where you can find free assets to use in your personal or professional projects. To start things off here is a list of websites that share royalty-free stock footage free of charge and with no subscription asked. 1. Videezy On Videezy you'll find lots and lots of free footage. Classed by category and no subscription required. When you click on a video and it asks for registration just click on 'No thanks, just download'. Just beware of clicking on the shutterstock ads that are mixed with the free footage. 2. Beachfront B-Roll Beachfront B-Roll is a new favorite of mine. It's a blog where you can find lots of different stock footages also classed by genre. You'll find really high quality videos, time lapses, etc and it's all free with no subscription required!  3. Free Media Bank Another website where subscription is not required, just choose your video and click download. Lots of categories to choose from aswell. This one is probably the easiest to navigate if you're searching for something specific.  4. Vimeo Free HD Another great source for really high quality videos. This Vimeo group  has plenty (mostly nature though) free stock footage to use in your projects. Not categorized though but the vimeo search might help you to find what you're looking for. 5. AlexFreeStockVideo AlexFreeStock video is a youtube channel that lets you download all its content for free. It includes greenscreen shots of all kinds as well as transitions and other stuff. Very cool stuff. 6. Videvo Videvo is probably the one that has the most stock footage available. The free subscription is definitely woth it as you'll probably always find what you're looking for. If you know more websites, let me know and i'll add them to the list.  

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